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Top 10 Executive Coaching Companies in Canada – 2023

The executive coaching industry is booming in Canada, driven by a motto to build confident, adaptive and resilient leaders who can drive organizational success through changing times. The emphasis is on providing elite-level coaching by developing new tools and techniques to equip managers, C-level executives and corporate boards to improve their performance, psychological well-being, and problem solving abilities.

According to the latest market analysis reports, the global executive coaching market is forecasted to be worth $27 billion in 2032. The reports identify the market to witness prolific growth at a CAGR of 11.3 percent during the forecast period. The ongoing technological transformation and the ever-changing needs and expectations of companies are key factors for market expansion. The growing number of coach practitioners and the trend of online executive coaching certification programs are also positively impacting the growth of the executive coaching market.

This edition of Manage HR Canada brings forth the most influential developments in the executive coaching space that are aimed at improving the overall leadership and effectiveness of business executives to help them meet the organization’s current and future challenges. The edition features thought leadership articles from Laura Ibbotson, Head of HR, UK at Heras and Marie-Chantal Perreault, Vice President of Human Resources at Quadra Chemicals. They speak about the significance of embracing new trends in coaching with a multi-faceted approach and best practices to overcome the challenges in the HR landscape.

Along with these critical insights from industry experts, the edition features CooperRose Consulting, a full-service HR consulting firm that provides accessible and personalized coaching services to executives and leadership teams to elevate performance and organizational growth.

We hope this edition helps you find the most appropriate executive coaching companies that will assist you with the industry-best approaches dedicated to advancing coaching standards, inspiring key leaders and making measurable improvements in their leadership skills and performance. Let us know your thoughts! 

    Top Executive Coaching Companies in Canada

  • Leadership Intelligence is a community of experts that deliver customized coaching, consulting, and learning solutions to a diverse clientele. They foster a community-based practice in service of their current and future clients

  • Executive Coach Global

    Executive Coach Global

    Executive Coach Global – Cornerstone Toronto is a premier coaching firm that provides Executive Coaching and Leadership Development for a range of training and development solutions across many sectors. These include entry and mid level to senior managers and executive leaders, team engagement, leadership training, conflict resolution, succession candidate preparation and high potentials

  • JF Management

    JF Management

    JF Consulting and Executive Coaching helps clients design a business model with functioning systems that will cultivate an enriched culture, increased revenue and enhance your business. It helps clients take the guess work out of what to do next, and how to implement the changes. It helps them discover the possibilities together and get their business back on track

  • Meg Salter

    Meg Salter

    Meg Salter provides executive coaching and mindfulness coaching to individuals and organizations in Toronto and globally. Executive Coaching helps leaders at tipping points in their lives or careers, where they need to scale up their response to the complexity of the challenges they face

  • Nate Leslie

    Nate Leslie

    Nate is a Certified Executive Coach and Professional Mentor Coach with a Master’s Degree in International Education, and a former professional athlete with 27 years in high performance environments globally. His coaching passions help scale individual and organisational Leadership Effectiveness. Certified to measure healthy high performance culture, Nate unlocks leadership potential and enriches the human experience at work

  • Parachute Executive Coaching

    Parachute Executive Coaching

    Parachute Executive Coaching is a boutique coaching firm comprised of certified executive coaches who have their own direct experiences as highly successful corporate executives, founders and entrepreneurs. The firm has worked with major corporations, start-ups and professional service firms from all over the world, from managers to CEO's, to identify and develop executive leadership and top talent within their organizations

  • Perspect Management Consulting and Executive Coaching

    Perspect Management Consulting and Executive Coaching

    Perspect Management is a trusted advisor to leading companies, states, health and educational institutions and pre-IPO firms. The firm provides Leaders With A Confidential Space To Engage In Honest, Open Dialogue On Complex Issues That Obstruct Individual & Organizational Growth

  • Potential Unlimited

    Potential Unlimited

    Potential Unlimited, led by Carey-Ann, helps people connect to who they are and be more focused and strategic in their jobs. Its coaching, training, business strategy consultation and retreat services help leaders find success in areas such as work-life balance for leaders and high potentials

  • The Achievement Centre

    The Achievement Centre

    Since 1984, The Achievement Centre has been helping businesses succeed by focusing on their most valuable resource — their people. The firm's professional development programs change behaviour through paced learning, guiding participants to discover their untapped potential

  • Verity International

    Verity International

    Verity International is a Canadian HR consulting firm focused on Leadership Development and Coaching, Career Transition, and Organizational Development. For over 35 years, The company has been providing caring, impactful and practical support to individuals and organizations across all industries and sectors

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